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Saturday, April 5, 2008

West Point = Beautiful, Race Results = NOT

This was a bad weekend for DeSales University. Jon, Sean and I just were not feeling it today. However, I must say West Point is very beautiful and I wish I had my camera with me to take some pictures!

Team Time Trial
We had a good start, and were rotating very well. I just couldn't hack the climbs though, and Jon and Sean kept pulling away from me. Then we learn from a UVM group that only 2 need to finish, so Jon and Sean took off without me. I'd like to make a request... ECCC NEEDS TO GET THEIR RULES STRAIGHT! I read on Thursday in the rulebook online that 3 needs to finish for the TTT. Then I went to the race official after the TTT to see what the rules were and they said only 2 needed to finish up to Men's A, which needs 3 to finish. Contradicting facts people!

Circuit Race
Men's Intro for Sean, he had a great start after the two "coached" laps. Then coming up to the climb as leader at the end of the first lap his shifter breaks or something while in a larger gear, so he was pushing a heavier gear up the hill, dropping behind and just disqualified himself. Jon and I didn't have much better fate. Right off the start of the race we were doing ok keeping with the main group, and then on the one road the pace car was going like 12-15 mph, slowing everyone down which I can't understand why. Then we made the right turn up the short, steep climb and there was a crash right in the middle that Jon and I were behind. I lost my momentum as did a few others, and a lot of us fell behind. I didn't know that Jon was in front of me, also behind the crash, and he dropped out after this crash because it took a lot of us out of contention and the officials were going to drop anyone too far behind because of the narrow roads and stuff. I ended up being in last place so I dropped out as well after coming around to the parking lot. We were all very pissed and disappointed that we just packed up our stuff, and left.

Someone please explain to me how do you freakin' crash on a climb going like 5-10 mph! Then I saw one of the guys' wheel was popped off when passing him. Did he not check the skewer before the race or something? Is there any other way the wheel could pop off in a race besides not tightening the skewer enough?

Then I get a speeding ticket in New Jersey, which I have no idea how I'm going to drive back to Mahwah, NJ to appear in court for it. As if I wasn't already having a bad day, cops gotta piss me off now to make it worse!

Boston next week people, I'm training hard early this week for that. Post later this week...

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