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Sunday, April 20, 2008


No, I didn't retire from cycling, I've only just started!

I've retired my first DeSales University uniform from racing, after doing a training race in T-Town on Thursday. Our new uniforms (jersey and shorts set) have finally come in this past week and I got both of mine that I ordered on Friday. I'm very excited now to finally look like a pro when racing, since my last uniform was in a crash last year at about this time in the same training race, and I had to race in the torn up, falling apart jersey since then because I didn't think to order a second set.

I will still train/ride in my original jersey and shorts if I manage to go through all of my other jerseys and shorts between wash cycle. I'm still waiting on my Team Vortex uniform (including a jacket!), which is actually not expected until end of June, early July because of backed-up orders at Verge... HURRY IT UP VERGE!

Pictures will come, if anyone is interested...

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