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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Dartmouth Criterium

The criterium course was very technical... so technical that riders were over-using their brakes being psyched out by the 4th turn that was a sharp left turn at the base of a short climb.

I was feeling fine before the race, I was on the trainer for 10-20 minutes, then rode around for a little. We also got to take a lap around the course before lining up at the start/finish line. Before the start I was starting to feel a little sick, and thought it was just the nervous butterflies. I was wrong... I just kept getting worse during the race and after the first lap I was behind. I did 4 or 5 laps with 2 other guys that kept using their brakes, and I had very little opportunities to pass them except on the hill, which I would do but then I'd be dead for a few seconds, enough for them to catch up to me. We eventually were out of contention and the officials dropped us out. I did get placed though, 32 out of 35 that finished, atleast 40 that started.

I started to feel a little better, but still had the puke-y feeling for a bit. Then, before Scott's race Kim, Christiana and I went to Boloco for something to eat... the food kind of helped but I still wasn't feeling too much better. After Scott's race I went back to the van, changed out of my uniform and slept for a bit. I was feeling better, but still had a headache. I still have it now as I type, so I'm about to go take a nap before I do some school work.

Tomorrow is the Road Race. We're leaving the motel at 5:45, do the one hour drive to the road race location, and then give myself atleast an hour before my race at 8:00. 36 miles, 3 loops with a climb. I hope to finish in 1:45 or less.

I won't be getting back until REALLY late tomorrow night, so no post until Monday most likely.

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Chris said...

Racing while you are sick is not fun. Good luck in the road race.