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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Army Weekend

This Saturday, Jon, Sean and I will be heading to West Point (in New York) for a team time trial and circuit race. I was the only rider that would have been able to go to West Point on Sunday, and I decided I wasn't going by myself.

The Team Time Trial, I have no idea if we're doing Men's D or Intros. Jon and I are D, Sean is intro, so since the majority of us is D I would say we're doing D. Sean is a strong rider so I'm sure we'll do good in D, but if we want to guarantee to bring points back to the team I say we do intro since there probably will only be 2 or 3 teams and I'm sure we could do first.

The Course is 7.5 miles on Route 293 with one turnaround, we should be able to get a good time.

The circuit race, later in the day, should be fun. Intros start at 9:30 for Sean, and then Men's D are right after for Jon and me. We should be done with the day by 10:45, which would mean we could be back at DeSales University by 1. Another short day like Columbia, I can't wait!!

The circuit race course is 2.07 miles long loop, rolling terrains with a short but steep climb "to test the warrior within" (as described in race flier). Will be interesting to see this climb!

Results and my comments saturday night, watch out for them!

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