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Monday, April 14, 2008

Boston Beanpot Classic, Part 2

I wanted to post last night, but when I got back to the campus I was too tired I went to sleep right away.

The criterium course... 6 turns, a left, left, left, right, left and left series with a power climb prior to the last turn. there's 2 blocks of a stretch between the last turn and the first turn of the next lap. The second turn was the bad, since it was a 90-degree left turn after a downhill. Also, you were going from a larger street to a little-bit-narrower street. Dangerous, especially when it rained for an hour or so.

So the race... I started too far back in the field. I was in the 3rd or 4th row when the official blew his whistle, and I tried to get up close to the front before the first turn. Wasn't successful, but I kept with the field for a few laps before getting dropped off the back with several other riders. The pack pretty much blew up. Anyways, out-of-contention riders were getting pulled and I got pulled 5 or 6 laps in, but I was given a place because where I got pulled I was pretty much in a steady place, even though I know I could've caught up and passed several other riders. Anyways, I got 48th out of 50 that "finished", 59 started the race.

Overall, I did better this year than last year. I'd like to go to Boston again next year in hope to finish stronger than I did this past weekend. Kim got 5th in the Road Race and 7th in the Criterium. I wish I could produce good results like her!

No race for DeSales University next year, we don't want to drive to UVM. The following weekend is the last weekend for the conference, the ECCC finals, at Dartmouth. Next two weeks are going to be very bust for me with school work, training, ref'ing, and finding time to hang out with friends, even for 10 minutes or so.

Several posts in the next 2 weeks probably, I will be doing the training crit if I have time and could write about that. Tomorrow will be a training ride with the team, the first of its kind that is actually SCHEDULED by the team! I can't wait cause I'm sick of riding by myself, I don't get as motivated! Anyways, I'm off to the library shortly, thanks for reading!

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