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Friday, April 11, 2008

False sense of Spring

I got my wish from the post several days, Spring has visited us for the past two days... however the next 2-4 days are supposed to be pretty crappy with rain and all... hopefully after that Spring will make its full appearance.

Today was a great day to be sunny and warm. Nearing the 70s, there was a training crit today that is held every Thursday from Spring to Fall. Last week was the first week but I did not get a chance to go. I made myself go today though because of the nice weather. I also got my wish of not only racing without leg-warmers, but I also raced with nothing covering my arms and fingerless gloves! Great day for riding!

Not much to say about the training crit though... since I didn't go all out. I was leading the first lap until the final turn when a few guys attacked... I kept up with the increasing speed for a bit but my main purpose for today was to train (hence a training crit) for the Boston weekend. Some of the guys take it too seriously, and the only prize is at the end of the month a free pizza from Pizza Hut or something like that to the highest point-maker. I got lapped twice, the second time was just at the end of the final lap, as expected, again because I didn't go all out. I could've done a lot better but I just wanted to ride in a racing setting to prepare for Boston.

Dear Spring,

Thanks for showing up finally, I hope you show up for good until Summer after the next few days of rain! Also, be good to me in the Boston area this weekend.

Yours Truly,

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