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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Boston Beanpot Classic

This weekend I have waited for all season. The Boston Beanpot Classic in Massachusetts, I can't wait!

Only two of us are going, Kim and myself. So I'm going to have to really step it up this weekend to try and help Kim bring in points, even though we're already guaranteed a lot of points with her racing (knock on wood).

On Saturday are the Team Time Trial and Road Race. Obviously with just two of us there will be no TTT for us this weekend so I won't say anything about that. Last year I didn't get to finish the Road Race because of a flat tire about half way through the race.

The Road Race; 13 mile loop, a gradual climb near in the first half of the course, a steep climb at the 8th mile... gonna be somewhat challenging but I'm going to try my best to stay with the peloton or leaders. Men's D-2 does 2 loops for 26 miles, I'm shooting for under 1:45. We go off at about 10:45 so I'll be able to get a decent night of sleep. Kim goes off at 2:10 for 4 laps. Gonna be a long day for just the two of us.

On Sunday is the Criterium. I liked this crit course last year, long, flat start/finish stretch with a challenging climb. I feel confident in this one, since I know my climbing is better than some others in the Men's D field. Men's D-2 goes at 8:45 for 18 laps. Kim's Women's A race goes off at 1:45 for 35 laps, another long day for just the two of us.

Results and Comments on Saturday for the Road Race and Sunday for the Crit.

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Chris said...

Good luck dude. I look forward to reading your race report and recap.