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Monday, April 7, 2008

Dear Spring,

It's April and I'm still wearing my leg-warmers not able to break a sweat. Please come visit soon.

Yours truly,


Chris said...

When you graduate you need to move south for some all year round training weather. I grew up in PA and it is less than optimum for training outside at least 5 months a year.

Zach said...

I hear you on that man...

If you still have family in PA and ever come up to visit, let me know, maybe we could get together for a ride or something!

Anyways, my wish came true, the last two days were great, except yesterday I couldn't train except in the morning when it was still a little cool before getting warm. I think I'm going to do a training race this afternoon after my classes are over, it is really nice outside today, Spring is here finally!