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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Road Race

Just as I had expected, my performance was poor on the climb. However, my expectation for the whole race was below par...

I first had a bad start because I didn't hear them call all Men's D riders to staging, so I was towards the back of the group. At the start of the race, I was feeling good, and working my way up to probably the first 20-30 riders. Then I don't know what happened but my legs just tanked out and I went back to the field again, eventually dropping off the back. I was, at one point I believe, in last place. I did catch a few riders, they passed me again, and back and forth until the 5 mile climb. I pretty much kept my placing for this except for one guy, I believe from Steven's IT, who passed me. I had my focus on this Penn State guy in front of me trying to catch up, and I did get close by about 20 meters or so, but then he just pulled away on the last bit of the climbing when my legs were tanking out again. I passed another Penn State rider, my good buddy Felix, and finished 4th to last. I know I said I didn't expect to do well, but I didn't think the bottom 5.

Tomorrow is the Criterium. Just found out a few hours ago we are going in the opposite direction of last year's same course, which means I avoid the power climb in the counter-clockwise direction, and can use that to build up speed for the last stretch of each lap. Gonna be awesome, I'm looking to grab a few preme points and hopefully finishing good.

Crit report tomorrow (if I remember this time). I'm sure going to miss racing ECCC after I graduate!

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