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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Summer Plans

I've come up with some summer plans as far as cycling and fitness goes...

1) Get to the top of the Haven Hill climb (from my house) in less than 19 minutes by end of summer (current Personal Record, 23:35 set on Tuesday, May 13)
2) Place top 10 in the Lehigh Valley Winery Criterium in Category 5, if I upgrade to 4 by then, place top 15 (In August)
3) Place top 5 in the Pottsville Cycle 17 race (non-USAC sanctioned race) with Kyle from Kutztown University (In July)
4) Place top 15 in the PSU Harrisburg Criterium (May 26)
5) Get into the 160s range for weight, and tone up like mad!

I just made all but one or two of these in my head in the last few minutes, I just wanted a reason to show off my Personal Record for the Haven Hill climb, and to set a goal of 19 minutes or less... then I thought of a few other goals as well... I'm sure I can reach the 4-5 minutes difference in the 3 months. It take about 10 minutes to get to the base of the climb, which I'm sure can be shortened up a bit with a bit more speed on the way there. So yeah, 19 minutes is definitely do-able.

This weekend there is a Syracuse Race Weekend with 3 stages; a road race, TT and crit. Kyle from Kutztown U. is going so I asked him if I could tag along and I'm waiting for him to get back to me. If I can, I may consider going with him. It will certainly be fun and challenging. The road race is a bit scary, with a wall-like climb according to the hill profile provided. Anyways, I'll post more about that. If I don't do that I might doe the Union Grove Road Race on Saturday...

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Chris said...

Good luck with your goals