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Sunday, May 18, 2008

new pic

As you may have noticed by now, to the right I put up a new profile picture. This was part of a team photo taken a few weeks ago at our last cycling meeting before the summer. Compared with last year's team photo, I look a lot better in shape. I still have some "chubby-ness" to take care of, but hopefully with the heart rate monitor and a solid training plan, I can lose the flab and tone up in the next three months before school restarts late August.

Couldn't ride today because of the morning rain and a banquet for my sister in the afternoon and baccalaureate for her graduating class several hours later. The weather was great in the afternoon and evening, which I wish I could have made time to ride. Tomorrow I'm supposed to do one hour of Active Recovery, but I think I'll do the two hours I was supposed to do today, with 15-30 minutes of recovery/cool-down. Lift on tuesday and back on schedule with my training plan.

On a sadder side, the Flyers lost to the Penguins (6-0) today in game 5 of the NHL playoffs and were eliminated. Next year... next year for sure.

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