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Thursday, May 15, 2008

My heart is beating

Several things... first, my biggest news for this post:


ok, so that may not be big news to everyone, but it is certainly for me. I got it yesterday and immediately set it up and went out for a ride. I noticed I'm training better, like my average speed is higher, because I'm working harder to stay within a certain zone. My stats for yesterday's ride:

Time: 2:23:05
Avg HR: 149
Max HR: 178 (for the day)
Calories: 1250+
Fat: 71g

I know the calorie count is a little low for 2+ hours, but I really wasn't pushing myself too hard for my first ride with it. Also, I'm still recovering (even today) from a lifting session on Tuesday, my second one since I've returned to lifting since January. The range I set for yesterday's ride was 156 to 174.

Next thing... NO race this weekend. I've decided not to go to Syracuse because I forgot about other plans made for this weekend, and I've decided not to do the Union Grove Road Race because I didn't want to kill myself while still being sore from lifting this week. I'm lifting today again, but will be a light one.

Next... I plan to do the Thursday Night Training Series criterium this afternoon at 5:30 in T-Town. Today I'm not going all out, so I wouldn't be surprised if I drop within 4 laps. Again, I'm still sore from the lifting and do not want to go all out. I'm also going to be playing basketball tonight at 8:00 with the guys I've been playing with since I was 17 years old.

Finally... I'll definitely be doing the Penn State Harrisburg Criterium next weekend. Unless something more important comes up this will be for sure. I'll write about it next week.

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Chris said...

I do all of my training with HR zones and cadence. It is a good tool.