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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

crap, not again...

Again, I will have to miss the PSU Harrisburg Criterium. I know, I know... I promised that I would be doing it. Well, I had a little problem this week with getting a job, in that I haven't gotten any calls or interviews yet, and so I have no money now and do not feel like using my credit card to register for the race. Not yet anyways, unless something happens like tomorrow morning I get a call from Ollie's or any of the other places for an interview and get the job before 8:00 PM, in time for me to register for the race. If that happens, then I will for sure registered, but the chance of that happening is around 100:1.

To your right (if reading this web-based and not using an rss reader like Snarfer that I use) will be an updated schedule of races I plan to do. "Plan" does not equal "will do", so I can't say for 100% that I will be doing these races. If any of you are a complete fan of me and would like to see me race, please email me or write on one of my recent posts and I can let you know for sure if I'm showing up.

On the weekend of July 12 and 13, there are two races within a 50 miles drive, a road race on Saturday (12th) and crit that I missed and wanted to do last summer on Sunday (13th). I think I'm going to consider doing both on that weekend, assuming I will have a decent paying job and can afford to pay about $50 for both combined.

Track racing starts next weekend, and I still do not have a track bike. Most likely I won't be getting one on time and probably not until mid/late June or early July. So, I'm going to get a late start on the track season and will have to just use this summer as a "Start-up" and then in the fall will be the collegiate track season I might do, and then next summer I will race for real.

Ending... my best friend FINALLY got a road bike. He still won't sport the spandex sports or pocketed jerseys, nor the clipless pedals and cleats, but I think eventually he'll come around. He does not plan to race like I do, but rather just ride for fun and fitness, while still trying to keep up with me. We'll see how it goes tomorrow, when we do our first ride together with his new bike, a used 58cm (tall guy) Fuji ACE.


Chris said...

Best of luck with the job search.

Does the track rent bikes? A lot of tracks rent bikes to people who are just trying it out. You should check into that.

Zach said...

they do but not for racing, only for class sessions and if, and only if, you're being coached individually or with a few others by a certified or one of the track's coach. Since I know the guys there, I could probably rent a bike to do some training, but I know they will not allow me to use one for racing.