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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring's Here... almost

So yesterday was the first day of spring (anyone get their free ice from Rita's?). But yet, it still snowed this morning! Hopefully this will be the last of the snow we see this year, I'm getting sick of it and wish that spring would hurry up and appear already. It did stop snowing before noon, and so early afternoon I went out for a ride for an hour and a half and got about 21 miles in, doing my normal starting route as I used to do all the time over the summer, then some steady climbing and ending with sprint efforts. One lesson I learned today, is not to eat chinese before going out for a ride. Chinese puts me to sleep if I don't eat it with tea of some sort (my favorite is the Chai tea from Sheetz or Starbucks). I wasn't feeling myself today on the rides, just tired and worn out, and I attribute that to not eating enough today, and having that chinese before the ride.

Today there was a time trial this morning near Schuylkill Valley Elementary School. I didn't really plan on doing it, even though in the back of my mind I kept debating if I should. My only interest in this race was the fact that the coach I'm hiring was going to be there so I went to meet him specifically. He's the coach of the team I'm joining, Team Vortex based in Kutztown, PA, and after renewing my license and sending in my dues for the club, I am now officially a Vortex rider (http://www.vortexcycling.com). The time trial ended up being cancelled because of some snow on the route that was dangerous on this downhill, so I went to the coaches house with some of the other teammates to talk to him about my options. He's a pretty cool guy, and very technological. He can get the PowerTap computers cheaper than they go for in stores, and so I will be buying one from him when I get the money. He uses that to keep an eye on our progress, unlike the other coaches I have considered in the last year, that just gives you a training program and then at the end of the month you go for a ride and that how they track your progress. PowerTap is uploadable to the computer, making it easier to let the coach know how my rides are going so far, and he can make adjustments to my training programs accordingly. Pretty cool!

There is a training crit tomorrow, however I highly doubt I'll be motivated enough to do it because it is Easter Sunday and the family does a lot of activities every Easter, including my uncle's annual plastic Easter egg hunt.

Next weekend my collegiate team will be going to Penn State University for a race weekend. So far there's only 4 of us that I know are going. I will post about this race later this week, and then as usual I will post my after-race comments sometimes next weekend. Be on the look out!

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