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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Princeton Circuit Race, and Weekend Results

We (Kim, John L. and I) just got back a few minutes ago from our road trip to the Princeton Circuit Race, held at the First Energy Ballpark (home of minor league baseball team Lakewood BlueClaws) located in Lakewood, New Jersey. This has become one of my better rated courses ever. Held half in the parking lot and half on a road, it was 1.2 miles long per lap, relatively flat with some very slow inclines. I liked the course, and think I could have done decent if my helmet didn't fall apart.

The straps on my helmet, that goes through the loopy thing that clicks the helmet in under your chin, came loose, and I knew I would be automatically disqualified when I'd cross the finish line next that I just slowed down and took my time finishing the lap. When I came to the finish line I just said "I'm out" and when they saw my helmet they knew why. So this week I'm heading to the bike shop to see if they could do something about it. I didn't see any cracks or anything on the plastic piece that would allow the straps to come loose.

Men's D, my race, was 25 minutes long, and after the officials timed the first two lap we had 6 to go, for a total of 8 laps. I was out on the 5th lap I believe. I kept up with the peloton for the first 2-3 laps, but then, as usual, I got dropped off the end. There were atleast 7 guys behind me and I was in between them and the peloton, trying to keep my distance from them so they wouldn't finish before me. I just focused on keeping my distance from them while trying to reel myself into the peloton, but the peloton just kept getting further and further away, while several more were getting dropped. Then on the 4th or 5th lap my helmet came apart and I was done.

John L. came in last in the Men's Intro today, but he's doing better and getting more comfortable riding in a pack. Kim got first place in the Women's A race, which is great! She also won $4 when the race officials decided to add the "buck a lap" prize money, and Kim crossed the finish line first on 4 laps!

Results from yesterday were posted; I got 21st and Jon F. got 22nd in the criterium out of about 30-some riders. I'm definitely doing a lot better now, considering my results from last year.

Next weekend the race is in Pittsburgh, but not surprisingly a lot of teams are not doing it because 1) Pittsburgh is very far to drive from for many schools and 2) it is Easter weekend. We're not going to Pittsburgh, but we will be going to Penn State University the following weekend, which I am excited for! I can't wait!!!

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Chris said...

Sounds like some bad luck with the helmet strap. Once you get dropped in a crit, it is almost impossible to get back on. Keep working and your will be there at the end soon enough.