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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Rain, Snow or Shine, I'll ride... but FLOOD?!

It rained worse than I expected it to last night, and some of the roads I like to ride on are flooded. I'm debating now whether to go out riding, since I know there are still some roads flood-free and I can get a decent training ride done. However, I won't be able to do the hill climb to Haven as I described in my last post since Landingville is flooded, and I'm sure the back road to Deer Lake is flooded, so that hill climb behind Deer Lake might be inaccessible. I might just do 3 hours tomorrow, first hour hill climbing, second hour sprinting, and then the last hour work on a steady speed as I would expect to be going while in the peloton. I'll be sure to eat a LOT of stuff tomorrow, since after this 3 hour ride, I will be playing basketball for 2 hours with the guys that I usually play with every thursday when I'm home from school. Friday, probably still just a one hour recovery ride, average less than 13 mph, before heading to my sister's house for the weekend.


Chris said...

I hate riding in the rain and rarely do it. I seem to crash a lot.

Zachary Ellwood said...

My car/bike crash in October was in the rain... but that won't stop me. I want to get used to riding in the rain because I bet at some point there will be a rain or shine race that it will be raining heavily and the visibility will be like 10 feet.