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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Grant's Tomb Criterium at Columbia

I just got back on campus about 20 minutes ago after a long day at Columbia (In NYC). Today at the Grant's Tomb Criterium, what could have gone wrong, probably did for all of us.

First, Scott shows up late for us to leave because he was having problems with his bike rack, so we were risking John L. to miss his Men's Intro race at 8:00. We left at about 5:20 in 2 cars when we originally were supposed to leave at 4:45.

Second, I get a flat tire on my car somewhere in New York City before arriving to the course. This is, seriously, my 3rd flat tire on my car in the last 6 months! I had one last fall, one in January and now today. Anyone want to buy a 98 Ford Taurus SE?

Third, John L. had a bad race and dropped out after a few laps when his knee was hurting badly.

Fourth, during the Men's D race with Jon F. and me, Jon got a flat on his bike and I somehow got dropped off the back of the peloton after the 3rd or 4th lap. I wasn't paying attention to all those that were passing me that I ended up being dropped before I realized it.

I did better than usual, but I'm still pissed about several stuff. First, as usual, the crash last October I still can't bring myself to forgive that lady. Second, I was coming up to my last lap, when the race official told me to slow down and that this is my finish (I was about to cross the finish line before starting my last lap). I didn't even get lapped yet, as I was close to being lapped, but he still told me to stop, and that I'm done. What the heck?! I better not have gotten a DNF (did not finish) for this course, I hope I got a place or something because I deserved it.

Well, that's enough for now, I'm heading to sleep now as I am dead tired. I got a circuit race at Princeton tomorrow, which I'll write about when I get back. Comments please!

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