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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Team Winter

Not sure how many of my readers know about Team Winter, but here is a very inspirational video:

This morning Mr. Vinecki, Winter's Father, had died after a battle with cancer. Winter has been an inspiration to me and if something were to happen to someone I love, I hope to have the strength to make an awareness as she certainly had. She has eventually become a part of a group called Athletes for a Cure, running in their 2008 triathlon, which there she has a line of clothings, sunglasses, and other things to help raise money for research and such. I got a pair of the sunglasses as a gift about 2 months ago, and in honor of Winter's Father and her cause, I will be sure to race with these sunglasses in all of my collegiate races.

Some relative links:

RIP Michael Vinecki

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