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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Philly Phlyer criterium report

So, after having crashed yesterday and waking up with my back pretty sore, I still decide to race this morning in the 20 minute criterium. And it was a good decision!

I got my warm up in and got to the start/finish line to race. Had a good start, and actually stayed towards the front for a bit. I started falling backwards, but I kept pushing hard to stay in the field, and that I did. A few times I would work my way back to the front to partake in some action, but I couldn't win any preme points. Preme laps are every few laps usually, and is a way to get a few extra points by being the first to cross the finish line on a preme lap.

I was feeling really great, and stayed inside the field for all but the last two laps. I got dropped with 2 laps to go, and after trying several time to sprint and get back in, I looked back and saw 3 guys behind me by about 80 meters or so. I first thought I should just pedal hard and keep my distance from them to finish, but then I dropped back more to ride with them for the last lap. on the last stretch of the 2nd to last lap they did catch me, and I rode in a line with them. On the 2nd to last turn of the whole race, I went inside and started passing the three guys, and got by them prior to the last turn for a sprint finish. I just hauled it with all I had beat them for 38th place, out of 53 that finished, at least 60 started.

I can't tell you how happy and excited I was today, I'm still happy about it! This is the first criterium ever that I did not get pulled or lapped in. And it's funny how I went from being pulled a few laps in two weeks ago to actually finishing every single lap!

Taylor did well today, placing 4th or 5th. Kim did excellent today, placing first. Not only did she place first though, she went off the front on her own and kept gaining time, eventually lapping everyone after about 13 or 14 laps. She was amazing today!

Next week is Army weekend, I hope I can keep up my good work! I'm going to make some more challenging goals for myself now that I know I'm getting a lot better!


Anonymous said...

Nice Result today, Zach

Chris said...

Great job Zach. Now you will have some confidence.

Zach said...

That's exactly what Kim said! I definitely feel a lot more confidence. Next week at Army, I hope to place top 20 in the criterium.