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Monday, March 23, 2009

Delaware race report

I only got to go Saturday, and was not able to go Sunday. The road race was pretty good, I liked it. It started western Delaware in Newark, went east into Maryland, and came back to the west coast. I knew Delaware was skinny, but I didn't know you could ride your bike across the state in less like 15-20 minutes!

I did pretty poorly. I guess I didn't warm up enough so I just have to warm up better next time.

Like I said, the course was pretty good; challenging and technical as I like it. One of the best road races I've done. What I didn't like was the course marshalling. Some of them were airheads and didn't know how to point properly, which caused me (and I heard a few others talk about this) miss three turns, or going the wrong way. That's something USAC should do, have a Course Marshall license, haha.

Anyways, I usually go through the whole course mile for mile, but I'm tired right now and need to get to bed. Just in a nutshell, I got dropped off the back like 3 or 4 miles in, and was by myself for most of the race. I found a few riders ahead of me eventually, and went into my sprint pursuit mode to catch them. Caught and passed one on a hill, and eventually caught two others that I rode with them. The very last turn prior to finish, I was leading the paceline and went through the intersection, because of the cop standing behind a telephone pole and the sign for the turn was almost impossible to see. The two behind me somehow knew to take the turn, so they beat me to the line when I was hoping for a sprint finish. I turned around, gave an attitude to the cop, and then went to cross the finish line. I got 34th of 36 that finished, 38 that started.

My teammates did pretty well, Kim got first in all of her races, and Taylor definitely improved from previous races, getting second in the criterium and finishing well in the other two races.

Philly Phyler this weekend, I'll talk more about that this week.

Sucks for Lance Armstrong, breaking his collarbone, but I'm sure he'll recover prior to the Tour de France. Not sure about the Giro d'Italia though.

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