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Friday, March 27, 2009

2009 Philly Phlyer

I have a huge, busy weekend up ahead. I can't wait for a break over Easter weekend!

For the circuit races tomorrow, they are having both USCF and Collegiate races. At 8:30 is the Cat 4/5 race, and at 9:15 is the Collegiate Men's D race. I'm crazy enough to do both, back to back. Both races are exactly the same, 6 miles per lap, 2 laps, 12 total. The reason I decided to do both was to use the Cat 4/5 race as "warmup", while still going to attempt to do well. Then I will go all out in the Men's D collegiate race right after. Never did a back-to-back race like this, but I'm prepared.

For the Cat 4/5 race (non-collegiate), I will be racing for Team Vortex and wear the jersey while wearing my DeSales shorts. I'm just going to get in a field somewhere, and just ride it out. Unless it is for first place, I'm not going to do a sprint at the end as I usually do, especially with others racing. I'm just going to ride this out, view the course, and come up with strategies for the Men's D race.

After the Cat 4/5 race, I will line up for the Men's D race and change into my DeSales jersey. For this race I just gotta get to the front and stay there for the majority of the race. Any breakaways, I'm attempting to follow, or if I can't I'll try to help bridge any gaps. I want to finish top 20 in this race.

As of now, weather says just cloudy for most of the day, as oppose to rain as it has been saying all week. So hopefully it'll be correct and it won't rain.

On Sunday is criterium. No non-collegiate races so just one race for me. Men's D is at around 10:00 or so, and if it rains I'm going to be scared to death, but gotta be fearless. Why would I be scared? My field sucks at racing, no one knows how to ride properly in a race, and crashes happen a lot in D. then add the rain.... YEAH! gonna be ugly so hopefully that'll be the motivation I need to get to the front and STAY there, to avoid crashing.

Race report coming Sunday night.

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