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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Several Updates

With my bike expected to be back in my possession in the next day or two (hopefully before I go on vacation on Saturday), I've updated my "2009 Races I Plan to Do" list to the right. There's a lot of races, which I'm glad about. I just need to find a job SOON so I can afford these.

I've been on the track a lot the last few weeks, and I'm heading back for another "Rookies and Masters" series this Saturday before heading to the east coast for some sun and beach. Then I'll be back the following Saturday for another track racing day.

Next week, while on vacation, I'll be pretty restricted to just flat roads with very little stop signs and lights. I'm guessing for getting back onto the road bike after a 4 week break this wouldn't be a bad thing, to just do sprints and standing starts to prepare for the following weekend's racing.

The following week (after vacation) is the Junior Road Development camp that is to be held at my now-alma mater, DeSales University. As an extension to my internship, I will be assisting my supervisor, the camp manager/director, in the operation of the week-long camp. I'm excited and cannot wait (in addition to my excitement for a week-long vacation that I haven't enjoyed in years due to school and family obligations)!!

So there you have it, my updates. Please comment on my blog, I feel like no one's reading my blog posts anymore haha. There is the option to post anonymously so you don't need a gmail account to post!!!

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