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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Track and Camp

Had my third set of track racing today. Didn't go so well.

Woke up feeling a little sick (my brother got sick last week and must have given it to me or something). It showed in the first race, I was feeling like crap and pulled myself 7 laps into a 9 lap race (3k scratch) because I felt like I was going to throw up.

Second race, a 4k Points Race (points every 3 laps). No details for this except that I got lapped and didn't get to finish.

Rain hit us hard and for a while, and they cancelled the rest of the races so I didn't get to do the last race, which was a 7 lap Snowball. This race starts off with a free lap, then every race is worth one point more than the previous lap, with the first lap being worth one point. I was trying to get myself ready for this one, and wanted to go in my 49x14, my largest gear, cause I wanted to attack on the very first lap and try to get the first three laps to total up 6 points and then try to finish top 5 in the last lap for more points (7-5-3-2-1 or something like that for top 5).

Had a bad day, so instead of upgrading as I had hoped to, I'm just going to say that I'll be Cat 5 until I'm ready, at which point I will post when I do upgrade. Not sure if I'm racing next weekend, might take two weeks off to train harder.

Tomorrow I leave for the Mid-Atlantic Regional Road Camp that I am assisting the Camp Director as the final puzzle piece to my internship. I'm am excited. I don't know how much, if any riding I will be doing. Ray did say I may get to ride, so I am taking my road bike with me. This will determine if I race next weekend at the track or not. If I'm just driving the follow van all week and not getting any riding done, then most likely no racing next weekend.

Have a good week!


Chris said...

I have never tried track racing. I would like to give it a go someday.

Zach said...

There's a track in Texas somewhere, I'm pretty sure. Go try it out! Check to see if they have track bikes for you to rent out. Our track in T-town does, but you have to either be with a coach of the track or part of the training/development program during the summer.