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Friday, June 19, 2009

Full Day of Racing, Weather Permitting

Tomorrow is a busy day for me, depending on the weather.

In the morning I'm heading to Phoenixville, Rain or Shine, for the Phonenixville Criterium. I plan to be there prior to 7:00 for the race at 8:00. No real plan except to just do what I've done at Penn State. Stay towards the front, if there are any primes, go for the first one to get some points, etc. Just not crash this time obviously. Reason I chose to go rain or shine is because if it rains, the field will decrease probably in number and the speed of the race will be a little slower, which is better for me. My biggest fear is the inexperienced riders that may not have any experience riding or racing in the rain, and will cause crashes. Fingers crossed!

After the race, I may head to T-town for some more track racing. This, however, is dependent on the weather. If it rains, races will automatically be canceled even if it's just a slight rain. Since we never get to know the race events ahead of time, I can't really come up with any plans.

Now I must head to bed, getting a late start for the night already, ugh! I'll post tomorrow night!