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Saturday, June 6, 2009

2nd T-Town Racing

Just left the velodrome and now am sitting in a Barnes and Noble waiting to have my hair cut in about 30 minutes. Then off to the beach for a week of vacationing!

So todat started off a little bad for me. I was on the track with my 48x15 (currently my smallest gear) during warmup. I went back to my stuff to put on my 49t chainring that I had just bought on Thursday. I couldn't get it on, the chain was too short for me. I went around looking for ANYONE who may have an extra link or two so I could race with a 49x15. After failing at first, I went back to put on a 48x14 for the day. After putting that on and riding around, I found someone who had some extra links so I grabbed a few to put on my bike. I had about 20 minutes left before my first race of the day, which is enough time............. when you do things right.

I put on the chain and was having some problems, so I called over my team's coach who took my chain and called me an idiot (not really, I called myself an idiot but would have been well deserved if he did) because I put a "loop" in the chain (hard to explain, but the chain could not straighten out). At this point the Cat 5 guys were already lining up with the race to start soon, so I knew I wasn't getting on there for the 3k scratch race. I was able to fix up my chain and everything to ride my 49x15 for the rest of the races.

The next race was a 3k win and out. The sprint laps were 3 and 6, with the finish at 9 laps. I did ok in this race, I tried to go for the wins of the 3rd and 6th lap unsuccessfully, and had a decent finish in a sprint for like 10th place or something.

The final race of the day was an Unknown Distance, just like my last race I did two weeks ago. I was a little nervous because I didn't know if I'd hear the bell this time or not. I actually did hear it this time, and had a decent finish again, no more than 10th place I would think.

I'm getting better. I decided I'm going to stay in Cat 5 for one more week, and just try to get some good results next weekend after my vacation. If I can finish good in all of my races, then I'll be ready for Cat 4. They did the Miss and Out in Cat 4 today, which is one of my favorite races on the track. I wish I did it with them, I could have done well.

Now I must go pack up and head out to my car before going in for my haircut. Then it's off to the beach! And guess what is coming with me? MY ROAD BIKE! I got it back yesterday and cannot wait to ride it. Probably going to do an early morning recovery ride tomorrow.

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