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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Resolution

With about 11 hours to go in the year, I thought I'd take this time to post some cycling-specific resolutions and goals. Some are the same or similar to last year's resolution, as I did not reach them or didn't have a chance to.

1) Top 9 at Rutger's Season Opener Time Trial for the ECCC collegiate season under the Men's D category.
2) Lose 10-15 lbs by mid summer
3) Start track racing and upgrade to category 4 by end of the season
4) Place top 15 in all USCF races over the summer
5) Category 4 in Road possibly?
6) Upgrade bike components
7) Compete in at least 6 USCF races (Road races, crit, or TT)

I'm going to try and approach my training differently this year, and include some lifting to improve power and strength, as well as endurance. Hopefully this will help me in upgrading to Category 4 in Road, as well as do pretty well on the track. In all honesty, I believe I belong more on the track than I do on the road. I'm more of a sprinter and I have power that makes me more of a track racer, and I do not really have a huge amount of endurance, as needed on the road.

Anyways, Happy New Years, and enjoy the extra second we are getting today!

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