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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm now a trackie

Finally, after so long of waiting, I have purchased a track bike. I now own a 2005 Fuji Track Pro that I bought used. I don't have pictures of the bike yet, but will next week when I go back to school and can post it. Unfortunately, the track is closed for the season. Happens to be the FIRST time the track has ever been closed for a whole winter season, not just bad weather (as we have been getting lately). I think that's messed up though, they've always kept it open during the winter until we would get bad snow weather, but whatever. I have to wait until like mid or late february until they reopen it, so it's staying in the garage for now until then.

That is all for now, short and sweet!


Brittney Janette Kolb said...

well.. its cool though about the track bike! I guess your wait will make it that much better :) hehe

Chris said...

That should be great training for your crit season.