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Monday, February 23, 2009


Wow, I don't know if I've ever gone this long without posting something on my blog. Was having some problems with Blogger since Google bought them out or whatever happened and now you need to have a gmail account or something? I don't know the whole story but I had to create a gmail account in order to get back into this blog to update it. But I'm back and am getting ready to update regularly again because Rutger's ECCC Season Opener is in less than two weeks!

This winter absolutely sucked. I was not able to ride much since early December up until a few weeks ago when we just kept getting hit with snow, rain, heavy wind, etc. It's been better lately and have gotten out a little more but it still sucks. This week I plan to go out for a few rides, including a skills training workout with the newbies on the team to work on cornering, bumping, riding in a group, etc. That will be on Thursday, and then after that I will be getting a VO2 Max test done in the science building on campus. I'm quite nervous about this and not sure how it will turn out. I will be disappointed if I don't get a good number, but I will have a goal to reach after this week since I will have another one done in like 2 months as part of my internship.

Well, I gotta go tutor someone in computer applications (excel, access, etc) so I need to get read and leave in a few minutes. Be sure to look out for several posts coming up!

Until next time...

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