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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Transitional days

As 2008 comes to an end and 2009 is about to start, I thought I'd go back to last year when I wrote down some cycling-specific resolutions and my results/reflections:


I did just that, no more crashes (well, still got 4 more days to go with at least 2 rides planned)

2) Top 9 at Rutger's Season Opener Time Trial for the ECCC collegiate season under the Men's D category

We actually didn't go to the first day of Rutger's, so I was not able to attempt this. This will probably be a resolution for next year.

3) Lose 20 lbs by summer

by summer I lost only like 5 lbs, and over the summer I lost another 5 lbs. I was able to keep most of that 10 lbs off, but never reached 20 lbs. current weight is between 175 and 178.

4) Place top 15 in all of my USCF road races over summer

Still not able to keep with the pack on races, but definitely getting better. Best I did was 19th, and that was out of 21.

5) Purchase a Fuji Track Pro

Haven't done that, but will be getting one next week

6) Start track racing, place top 10 in those races

Since I never got a chance to buy a track bike yet, haven't even raced on the track. I did, however, place 3rd in the AP Finals at the track on a rental bike, so that counts towards this... somewhat...

7) look into upgrading to Road Category 4

I did look into it (haha) but never actually did. Going to try to approach my training in a different way this year in order to do better in my races and maybe upgrade to 4 sometimes during the summer.

8) Upgrade to better wheels, tires, components, etc.

Well, I did do some upgrades. I got better tires after I was force to when one of my former tires became damaged. I got a new stem after a bike fitting several weeks ago. Other than that, I really didn't do any upgrades on my bike. Never got a job over the summer to afford upgrades, unfortunately.

So there they are. In the next few days I will be thinking of some more resolutions for next year, and then post them up. Thanks for reading!

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