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Friday, December 12, 2008

My 11th Ending

Today is the last day of classes for the Fall (and my 11th) Semester, and what's even better is that this will be MY last semester of required courses! I have two more classes to endure through, the next one starting in a few minutes.

Next semester I have to do 12 credits of internship (480 hours in 16 weeks). Since most of my work I'll be doing next semester will be within the internships, I wanted to have something to do outside of my internship. So I decided to take a photography class that meets Tuesdays and Thursdays evening. This will give me something to do and work on while I'm not working on my internship stuff. More about my internships when I get all the details worked out.

Later today I will be having Body Composition and VO2 Max testings done in the state-of-the-art science building we have on campus. What does this mean? FREE!!!! The one professor is an advocate for our cycling team on campus, and has offered us testings last year. Well, if you remember, last year I was in a collision with an SUV, just a week or two before the testings were to be done. I was fortunate enough to be able to have the testings done today, after all of my classes are done and I can relax finally (before Finals, that is).

Last Saturday I had a bike fitting done for $50, and let me tell you, it was DEFINITELY worth it! Everything was off on my bike, and so everything was adjusted (saddle, cleats, seatpost, etc). I feel a lot better and stronger on the bike now, but I will give more details when I get more rides in with the new fitting.

Well, my coaching class starts in just a minute of this typing, so I should go head to class. I'll write more soon!

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