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Friday, November 14, 2008

Where's the motivation?!

I've been very unmotivated to ride the bike lately, but that could be because it is getting to be like winter and because I've got so much school work and getting little sleep because of it. I swear, every year about this time I fall into a human version of hibernation, where I just want to sleep all the time. And it has gotten to be like that, whenever I'm not in the classroom, in the University Center for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or when I'm not in the library doing work, you can find me in my room sleeping. So it's hard to get myself out anymore for rides.

However, my biggest paper this semester is due next Friday (Nov. 21st) so I've decided that maybe I'll just do one ride this coming week (Tuesday or Wednesday), while working on my paper the whole week. When I finish this week, then I plan on getting restarted with my regular training to prepare for the collegiate season that starts in March. This training will consist of some outdoor riding, but I plan on doing a lot of indoor training video sessions. I just bought two training videos off of eBay, so once I get those this week I will have 4 videos. Two are the Chris Carmichael videos (Time Trialing and Sprinting), while the other two are Spinervals videos (Ride Strong and Recovery/Technique). I could probably come up with a decent training program using each videos at least once a week and have at least one or two rides outside a week. My winter training will also consist of some weight and resistance training as well.

So if anyone out there is a certified coach or know a good deal about training with videos and such, please give me your suggestions. Again, the videos I have are:

Carmichael Training Series: Time Trialing
Carmichael Training Series: Sprinting
Spinervals 1.0 Ride Strong
Spinervals 8.0 Recovery and Technique

I also want to incorporate some weight and non-cycling cardio (i.e. Tae-Bo with Billy Blanks with a friend of mine) training, so I will most likely be training just about every day. I just have to remember about recovery, and maybe every other week having a day off or something. Anyways, give me your suggestions if you have any.


Have a good weekend y'all!

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