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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Phinally, 28 years later!

Where were you in 1980 when Tug McGuire pitched the last strike over home plate of the 1980 World Series? Where were you 28 years later when Brad Lidge finished off the second night of Game 5 with a strike out to win Philadelphia's 2nd World Series Title?

I wasn't born for a little more than 4 years after the 1980 World Series, but I was in the living room of my home with my dad watching the 2008 World Series, Game 5 (Part 2). And the feeling is unexplainable!!!! I've never been this excited in my LIFE!

And Cole Hamel gets the 2008 World Series MVP (and a 2010 Chevy Corvette which he said he'd give to his wife since it was her birthday today)!!! Congrats to him and the Phillies organization!

I also want to congratulate the Tampa Bay Rays. In my mind, they are still winners! Why? They only been a team for about 10 years now, only one year as the Rays (were previously the Devil Rays). They also had the worse record in the MLB last year, and have suffered a string of bad luck with their records, players, managers, etc. in the past 10 years they've been a team. To go from being the worse team in the MLB last year to being the best in the American League and second best overall, that's just amazing. I hope the Phillies and Rays match up again next year, it could certainly be different!

There has been announcements that Friday could be the day of the Phillies Parade. I hope to get a chance to go, even if I have to skip my classes to go. It would be well worth skipping the classes for this chance to be part of a HUGE celebration!

Congratulations Philadelphia Phillies, you've PHINALLY DONE IT!

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