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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Break's over, cooler stuff

I decided I've been off of the bike long enough (almost 2 weeks) and was back on it on Friday for a group ride with two of my friends, and then today for an hour on my own. Last time I rode, it was pretty warm, but almost 2 weeks later of being off the bike it has certainly gotten cooler. Anyways, it was certainly good to be back on the bike after a much needed break. I should take breaks like this more often than I do now (which is hardly ever).

Off topic (of cycling), Phillies are now 2-1 in the World Series, and I know they'll win the title. I even think they could go 4-1 in game 5 at Philadelphia, denying the Rays any opportunity to win again or to play on their home field this season. This will certainly be awesome, the Phils winning a World Series title since their last (and only) one 28 years ago! If they do, my brother and I said we would go to Philadelphia to celebrate and to see the parade that they'll probably hold in Philly. GO PHILS!

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