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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Too many!

I just checked the registered riders for the Cargas Criterium, now that registrations are over. 58 riders are currently registered for the Men's Cat 4/5 race!!! Why not split it up into two different races now, since that is pretty large and I know there will be many day-of-registrations not counted for at the moment. So, I would say maybe 65-75 total???

So, first off, this is my first combined categories race if I haven't mentioned that yet, and second off it is a large field. What should I expect? I'm starting to get scared and nervous that I might end up in the middle of a pack, and may cause or become involved in a crash.

Weather is going to be nice on Sunday. Not stormy as it was expected earlier this week. Storm will come tomorrow afternoon/evening, and end in the middle of the night. Sunny and cloudy most of the day Sunday!

Post coming Sunday night or Monday, watch out for it, it might just come out of nowhere and bite you.

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Chris said...

I doubt you will be able to tell any difference between a combined field and a single field. Just go out and execute your plan and you will be fine. With a large field like that you will have to stay near the front because it will get strung out considerably and if it does, they may pull lapped riders depending on how long the coarse is.