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Sunday, June 8, 2008

change of plans, again

My parents decided we weren't going on vacation next weekend, rather sometime in July, so I will most likely be doing the Cargas race. I have asked off from work for the weekend from Friday to Monday for the vacation, so I can get plenty of rest and have plenty of time to be nervous haha.

Training plan for this week I am tweaking a bit than originally planned. I'm not riding today because I am officiating a basketball tournament this afternoon (two semi-finals and a championship match). I'm sure I'll be running enough for those high school level games. If I get back home in time, I might go out for a light recovery ride, or I'll try to do an hour in my room, with or without a training video (CTS Sprinting or Time Trial). Then tomorrow, one hour ride, 2 hour Wednesday, training crit on Thursday with maybe 50-70% effort, light recovery ride Friday for an hour or so, then Saturday I'll either take the day off or do some short riding around the neighborhood, maybe a few 10 second sprints and work on my cornering. I really wish I had a group to ride with in this area, pack-riding is still my worse weakness and fear.

Post on the Cargas Criterium coming this week.

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