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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cargas Criterium

So, I just signed up for the Cargas Criterium, my first USCF race this summer (late start, I know). I don't know why I registered for the race this early in the week, probably because I'm up at about 2am in the morning and really can't sleep right now and have nothing better to do. That is a problem I've been having lately, haven't been getting much sleep lately, but I won't bore you with that. I'm also hoping to kill some major time with this post!

So the criterium is this Sunday in Lancaster, PA. going to be a bit of a drive, about 1 hour and 30-40 minutes. I hope to meat my teammates halfway in the Reading area so we can carpool, since we will be coming from different directions before crossing on route 222.

Short, one mile loop, I signed up for the Cat 4/5 race. My first 4/5 combined race, I would love to see if I can beat any cat 4 riders to prove to myself that I can upgrade by the end of the summer. What's even better for me is that I will be part of a team this year and not unattached.

Anyways, we're doing 20 miles which would be 20 laps, with a short sudden climb at the end of each lap and with an uphill finish from what I can see from the hill profile. I used Sanoodi.com to determine the hill profile since the flier only gave the map of the course and location.

For this race, my main objective is not to get lapped. Second objective, top 15 finish. I have become a much better racer since last summer, and have learned about energy efficiency when racing.

Weather shows scattered storms, with 30-40% chance. Hm... I think I'll be fine. Race goes off at about 1:20, finally an afternoon criterium that I don't have to get really early for!!!

Results and my impressions Sunday evening.

Crap, only killed like 15 minutes... what to do now, I wonder..................

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Chris said...

Those seem like reasonable objectives. Best of luck!