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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tooks Hats

So, I ordered one of the hats from my sponsor, Tooks Hats. It came on Friday and I haven't really had much of a chance to try them out, mainly because I don't have an MP3 player anymore after my last one decided it didn't want to charge batteries anymore. I gotta order one soon to try out, I think I'll just get a cheap 2gb MP3 player just to last me a few months until I can afford a better one.

The hat I ordered was the Tooks Classic Beanie in black. I have it plugged into my computer now as I type this and jam to some DMX, Eminem, and other Hip-Hop/Rap music. With the surprising loudness as I hear it, I thought it was too loud that people around me would hear when I'd wear this in public or whatever. However, when I took the hat it was almost no sound when I had the computer music turned up to the loudest. Just like headphones or earphones, no one around you can really hear it unless they are really paying attention and you have it on the loudest volume setting. I wouldn't suggest having this on the loudest when riding or running as you'd still need to hear traffic around you, but I think this would be safe enough at a lower volume for riding. I don't know this yet, and won't get the chance to do that until I get a portable media device (i.e. MP3 player). I will probably be ordering the skully soon as well, since I could use that under my helmet to keep my head cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This will certainly keep me entertained on long, boring training rides!

Off topic: a few hours ago I discovered on the www.usacycling.com website that I am ranked 108th in the nation for Category 5 Criterium racers, and 4th in the State of Pennsylvania. I have some other of my rankings, including age groups and total riders, to the right of this blog post. Check it out!

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