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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Official End of 2009 Season

Well, this morning I happened to wake up between 2 and 3 AM for whatever reason. I was thinking, I'm up now, I might as well go to the Yuasa Right from the Start criterium in Laureldale, PA. I got on the computer, played some games for a little, then at about 5:00 I started getting ready. My mind was not well rested though, apparently, and had the timing of my preparation and leaving for the race all messed up.

Race starts at 8:00, and I usually like to get to the course at least an hour ahead of time, more preferably an hour and a half. So this would add up to arriving sometimes between 6:30 and 7. I had that figured out earlier, but I didn't figure out what time I should leave by (which would have been 5:45ish). Then a little later I was thinking about it and thought "ok, I need to leave no later than 6:45", totally forgetting that I needed to ARRIVE at about that time. I get into the car at about 6:45 and head out. I turned around about 2 miles into my drive realizing that I was going to be late and may risk missing the race. Good thing I didn't pre-register, or that would have been $20 I lost for good.

Yes, I probably could have still gotten there by about 7:30. However, I have a strict pattern of getting ready for a race and I would have had to skip several steps, including a good warm up, in order to race.

So, having said this, my race season is officially over for 2009. I would like to give one last shout out for my only personal sponsor, Tooks International, the maker of Tooks Hats. The website again is http://www.tookshats.com/ I will have a Sponsors list to the right eventually, once I clean up all the crap all the way over there. Some things are outdated obviously.

Have a good Sunday everyone, and a good week!


Anonymous said...

How did the year go for you?

Zach said...

Hey, who's this?

The year went ok... I wasn't too focused on road racing (criterium mostly) but was more focused on track racing. I didn't have a good winter or spring training that it showed in my racing this summer. I hope to get more training in this coming winter and spring to have an awesome season next year, so I can finally upgrade my categories. In a few weeks I'll be posting my end-of-season rankings which should be decent hopefully.