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Friday, September 11, 2009

My season is soon over

Tomorrow (Saturday) I am hoping to race at the track for the last race of the track season. I got my goods from my sponsor, Tooks Hats http://www.tookshats.com which includes the Tooks Classic beanie, some stickers I have placed on my wheels and bike, and a Tooks shirt to wear before, in between and after races (as term of my contract). I have mentally prepared myself (and still am) for tomorrow races, but the weather god must not be looking in my direction right now. Looks like rain for most of the day at 50% or more chance. I will be really disappointed if it does rain and the track racing gets cancelled and not postponed. I gotta think positive though, as that has worked in the past regarding races. Days that looked like rain (even up to 90% chance) would turn around and be a decent to sunny day after all.

Then, on Sunday, is a big day in Reading, PA. They got a carnival-like gig set up for the day around the race course (which is a criterium by the way). So a lot of people should be there, maybe even the news (from rumors) will be there. This will be a big race for me, as I try to keep my 4th place in state and 105th in nation standing. If I do well, who knows, I could pop up to 2nd or 3rd in state and top 100 in nation (how awesome would THAT be?!). I'll have to put that in a cycling resume I plan to start up soon.

So, pray for no rain tomorrow until after 3:00. What the heck, ask for no rain until Sunday afternoon haha. I can't wait to wake up in the morning to see what the weather is looking like tomorrow.

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