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Monday, September 21, 2009

Should have raced

Looking at the results from last week's criterium, I probably should have raced. Even if I finished last place, I would have still gotten some points to give me a better ranking. There were only 11 racers, and some didn't get points, I'm assuming those are the citizen riders, not license holders. But whatever, I'm 112th out of more than 2500 riders, which is still pretty damn good. Yeah, I know, I just got lucky with the one criterium where only 4 riders were present, and I got 4th.

So, just as I do every year, I will be posting my official, end-of-season rankings within the next few weeks. I don't believe there are any more big races left in Pennsylvania, or in the NE region of the US, so my rankings should be pretty much set, give or take a few places by the end of the year. Even though some would tell me to upgrade to Cat 4 with a ranking of 112th, I am just not ready yet. This winter I hope to get very serious, more serious than ever, with my cycling. I hope to hire my good friend, Kimberly Geist, as a coach within the next few months, and just start cracking down with a good training program that will get me better.

2010 is going to be a good year for me in a lot of aspects. I hope to get a job sometimes soon or within the year 2010 and I should be able to upgrade to Cat 4 rightfully (as in, upgrading and not then just getting last in all Cat 4 races). There are a few other stuff I hope to achieve in 2010, but those will just put you to sleep if I type them out.

Anyways, I'm currently on a 2-3 week break from cycling. I've felt lately no motivation to riding, but just laying around and doing nothing but watch TV and play video games all day. So, I'm going to do just that for the next two weeks. I also officiate soccer on the side, doing high school games during the week and youth games on the weekend, so I'll get my physical activity through that. I've also taken up jogging, starting on Friday, but I doubt that'll last once I get back into riding. Need to run more though...

Until my next post, enjoy life!

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