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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Weekend Racing Reports

Saturday - Track Racing
Didn't go so well this day. I got to the track about 5-10 minutes before my first race, due to officiating basketball games in the morning. Note to self, do not race on track without warming up!

First race, I got lapped but finished. Second race, got lapped, did not finish. Third race... by this race I was getting embarrassed enough that I was considering just not racing in this one and heading home because I had two more basketball games to officiate, but I thought I'd have a little fun. So I put on my smallest gear (48x15) and got on the track. Once the gun went off for the race to start after our free lap, I attacked, right off the front. Took one lap to myself, pulled up and let a rider go through and got on his wheel. We were caught shortly after and everyone just passed right by me. I got lapped then (surprise, surprise!) and then got off, did not finish.

Kind of disappointed, but I should have known this would happen without any warming up.

Sunday - Irving Park Sportsfest Criterium
Got to Allentown, PA at about 7:15. Got my race number and went back to my car to get everything ready. Carried my stuff over to the corner of the first turn to do my warm up there. I took a few laps around the course to get used to the corners and the different road surfaces. Then got on the trainer for my usual warm-up.

My friend Taylor came at about 8:15, got on her bike and I showed her around the course. Then it was time for me to stage at the start/finish line. Whistle blew and we were OFF! I stayed towards the back to try and read the field, see who were taking corners fast, who seemed to hesitate, etc. We started off at abotu 16-17 mph which I thought was a little slow for this crit. After a lap or two, someone decided to attack and bring the pace up to 22+ mph. This caught me off guard and I was dropped immediately. I tried to sprint to get back on but it was too late. I rode with this other guy who got dropped, and he didn't seem to know how to "take turns" riding together. I ended up being on his wheel for most of the rest of the race. I pulled a few times but he would always want to pass me on the back stretch for whatever reason.

Then we got lapped (of course, surprise surprise!). One of the riders from the field dropped off after passing us, and we caught up to him, but he was still a lap ahead of us. the three of us rode together for the rest of the race. On the last lap when we got the bell, I just attacked and went all out, crossing the finish line by myself ahead of both of them on that lap, but really only beating the one guy. The other guy technically was ahead of us.

According to the results, I finished 13/16. Top 15, not bad, but still bad enough getting lapped.

Next race in my mind to do, is the Doylestown Circuit Race on August 2nd. I don't know yet if I'm doing it, but I think I will be.

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