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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Warning, watch out for Pick-up trucks!

Yesterday, while on my bike heading to the group ride, I ran into the back of a pick-up truck. It was completely my fault, and I know any lawyer will tell you not to say "sorry" or admit it was your fault, but it was. We were at a T-intersection, and the truck had just recently passed me. I'm pretty sure he did the tap-and-go at the stop sign (tap your brakes, then go without coming to a complete stop). Thinking he was on his way into the intersection, I looked right to see a motorcycle coming, so I went down to a slower speed (10-12 mph probably) and kept looking right waiting for him to pass. Then I went to look forward to get ready to go, and I saw the truck still in front of me.

Lucky for me, I was towards the left rear corner of the truck and was able to avoid hitting my wheel and having any more physical injuries. The collision happened when my right brake lever hooked onto the rear of the truck and I slammed hard into the cap of the truck and then tumbled into the road.

I rolled myself to a stand-up position, looked at my bike and then to the driver of the pick-up. He got out and was like "oh wow, are you ok?". Very nice guy, didn't even care about the little scuff I made on the rear door that was made from my brake lever. I was fine, just cut up a little badly on my left elbow and a few small cuts and scraps on both of my knees. The guy just happened to have an unopened bottle of water and some paper towel so he helped me clean my elbow. Then, just by pure coincidence, an off-duty EMT guy drove by a minute or two later and noticed that I was bleeding and saw a bike under the truck, so he pulled over to offer assistance, and had an EMT kit in his vehicle. He got his stuff out to wrap my arm in bandages and then offered to take me home if I needed to. At this point I was feeling fine enough to continue riding, so I politely turned down the offer so I could go catch the guys for the group ride before they left.

My bike is fine, the handlebar was knocked a little out of sync from the wheel so when I got to the group ride location I corrected it. Then we went out for our ride. About halfway through I was starting to feel the pain and all in my upper body so I turned around and called someone to come get me.

Today, I'm just feeling very stiff and bruised up, so I took today off from any sort of physical activity. Hopefully, but not likely, I'll feel better tomorrow to go to the track for a 2 hour training. Fingers Crossed!

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