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Friday, July 10, 2009

JBN Criterium Race

After not being able to do this race the last two years I've been racing due to whatever was going on that weekend, I have the opportunity to finally do this race. I don't know anything about it though other than a lollipop.

"Lollipop?" you asked. Yes, Lollipop. It starts on this one road (the "stick" of the lollipop) in front of the Just Be Natural (JBN) store/warehouse, goes to a T intersection, makes a left and that starts the loop. Then on the final lap, when you get back to this T intersection, you make a left to head back to the store/warehouse for the finish. Hence, a lollipop.

My objective for this is a sprint finish with the peloton. I've been feeling really great lately in my training, and the course doesn't look too difficult that I should be able to keep a good pace with the peloton. I'm also aiming for a top 15 finish.

When you get a chance, go visit my friend's blog to read about her success lately. Being just like me last year, getting lapped, finishing not so well, she started to kick some butt and has had several top 3 wins so far in her field, including two First place finishes! Her name is Brittney Kolb, click here for her blog.

Wish me luck!

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