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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This weekend

This coming weekend, I will be doing two races of different discipline. On Saturday I will be racing at the track, provided I can get there on time from officiating basketball in the morning. If I don't get there on time, or I'm just getting there at noon, I'll miss the first race, no big deal. I will race the second and third race no doubt. My plan is Friday afternoon before the track office would close, I'll call the office to see if they know what the first race will be. Then Friday night I will make sure I have the gear that I want to race in already on my track bike so if I were to arrive a few minutes before the first race I can just hop onto the track and hope for the best, without any warming up. My plan is to place top 5, preferably top 3, in one of the races. I'm hoping for a 1K or 2K scratch, especially to be the second race.

After that I'll probably take a light spin on my road bike when I get home to prepare for Sunday. On Sunday is my favorite race I like doing every year, the Irving Park Sportsfest in Allentown during the Allentown Sportsfest event that I believe runs a week long every summer. This one I plan on placing top 10. I'm feeling really good these days, and I think by the end of the month I could be at a peak in my training, just in time for the Doylestown Circuit race on August 2nd. My plan for this race is just stay towards the front the whole race, and partake in a sprint finish. Knowing my sprint capability, I'm sure I can beat out many of the other riders.

So there you have it. My plans for this weekend! Post-races report this weekend or Monday.

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