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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pottsville City Cycle 17 Race Report

so today I did the Pottsville City Cycle 17, a non-usac sanctioned race. Last year I did horrible, but this year I did a lot better. I did 17 miles in just over an hour, and had my best average during any race which was 17 mph. This was with a power climb on each lap (3+ miles per lap) that I couldn't make it up each lap without walking up except for the last lap last year. This year, I got up all 5 times, and not only that, I got up quicker on all the laps individually than I did the only time I got up last year. My climbing skills are getting better!!!

My time was something like 1:01:16. Last year my time was like 1:08 or somewhere around there, so I did beat my time last year by 5 minutes. I placed 45th out of well over 60 riders. This year there were a lot more competitive guys than there were last year, which did play on my mind mentally prior to the race and probably was why I dropped off the back of the main group through the bike path on the first lap. After getting dropped I decided to race against my time last year. Next year I hope to do around 55 minutes.

Anyways, my buddy who races for Kutztown University won the race, beating the guy who won this race 5-7 years on the row. My buddy just barely beat him out in the sprint.

Now I must relax and get ready for my race tomorrow morning, a 12 lap x .8 mile/lap criterium. Knowing that I did 17 mph average today, I should do well tomorrow.

Overall, I felt great and comfortable on the course. The one turn I was always having problems with last year, I only went off on the first lap when I was with the leading pack. Someone kind of got in my line and I was forced off the road, but not so much that I got right back in where I was in the pack. Other than that, I was comfortable. Now I must concentrate tomorrow morning... race report will come tomorrow night or Monday.

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