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Monday, July 14, 2008

I'm coming home!

Monday morning, we're going to be packing shortly and then loading up the two cars to head home. I can't wait to get home!

The purpose of this post is for two things... first is to say I did not rent a bike as I wanted to, because I realized that with the flatness of these roads near the shore, and I did a hill profile it is an altitude change of like 15 feet on this island of Stone Harbor and Avalon, and the shortness of the island that I could go from the tip of Avalon (North) and the tip of Stone Harbor (South) in like 25 minutes or less, and it is about 12.5 miles long. It would be more like a time trial workout, maybe do some sprints. I wouldn't have wanted to do like 5 or 6 loops to get a 2+ hours workout. I also wouldn't have been able to find any hills unless I went out of, what I would consider, my comfort zone since I do not know the area that well. The only thing I know are the roads of this island.

The other reason is to announce my race schedule (to the right) has changed. There are possible races I can do every weekend until the end of August except for one weekend, and even though I'll most likely not be doing all of them, I don't know which ones I will be doing. The definites are the Allentown Sportsfest race, Pottsville race, and the Lehigh Valley Winery Criterium. I'd like to do a road race for once (besides collegiate) and so Deodate is highly a possibility.

Now, I pack...

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