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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Haha very funny

If I haven't mentioned it yet, I am a High School official for basketball and soccer, as well as doing youth organizations. One of my basketball officiating "brother" sent out an email to the "brotherhood of officials" (10 or so of us in the brotherhood of "Axis of Evil" as we're called) busting me about not doing as well as I said I would in the Pottsville race, and then another "brother" sent out this email in response:

Test results just announced by head of city rec. dept.,Mary Quirk, that bicyclist,Zach Ellwood, had a high amount of FIC in his urine test which explains Zach's poor finish in last weeks race.Zach ,who touted throughout the "Deuce" that this was his year to win it all ,never thought that the substance would show up in his post race urine sample. When I questioned the local lab about the substance symbol,which perplexed even the so called "experts" the tester told me it is a very common substance found in O-Burg area people and that Zach is just a victim of his environment. The FIC is .....................................

That explains why Zach had that extra "spare tire",better luck next year,follow in the feet of Stepdad and drink your nourishment

Yours in sports,
Joe-Secretary Pottsville Basketball Officials

Freeze is an Ice Cream/Restaurant place just outside of my hometown. And my "stepdad" is another official that everyone calls my other dad because I'm always around him and I do look up to him as well. I thought this was funny enough to share.

And actually, another funny thing is that I haven't been to Freeze in at least a year! I'M INNOCENT I TELL YA!

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Lay off that stuff