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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Momma, what's vay-kay-shun mean?

If you don't know where that's from, then you missed out on a great movie! (Forrest Gump)

Anyways, I am going on vacation Saturday morning and got some sad news... my parents are not allowing me to bring my bike. We're only going until Monday but I can't live without riding my bike. Heck, I had to go a whole week without riding because I was working the Tour of PA, and that was almost murderous on me, especially when 100+ other riders around my age were riding their bikes and I had to freakin' work. So I was thinking about how I will survive (again) without my bike, even for less than 72 hours. Then it hit me, I remembered that there is a bike rental place. So I went to google "bike rental in Stone Harbor" and it was the first Google hit. Harbor Bike & Beach Shop

Looking at the rates, I can either rent a road bike for 3 hours for $16 or for another $9 I can rent one for 24 hours ($25). I would either just ride Saturday or Sunday and do the 3 hours (2 hour bike ride or so), or I can do a ride Saturday evening and a ride Sunday morning within 24 hours... decisions, decisions. I guess I'll just decide when I get there. I just don't know if I can bring my own pedals since they have the clip and straps on their bikes (according to the pictures). Maybe they will swap pedals if I bring my own? If not I can probably just swap them easily and they wouldn't know, unless they have a way of figuring that out but I doubt it. I'll probably also bring my HRM watch along, but the computer stays home. I'll be doing some work on the bike tomorrow morning before leaving, taking the pedals and HRM off.

Anyways, I'm excited to go to the beach for the weekend. We're all busy these days that we can't go for a full week like we used to all the time, but we might get a chance to in August before the youngest (of five kids) in the family starts college (where does the time go?). I will post about my vacation Monday night.

One last thing, congratulations to Kimberly Geist for a good night of racing at the track tonight during the pro series. She got 2nd place in the Miss-and-Out race, and didn't do bad during the other races. She also earned $50 during a preme race and just barely had $20 stolen at the last second of another lap. Good Job Kim!

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