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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Where my shoes at?!

two weekends in a row, I managed to forget my cycling shoes at school when I go home for the weekends. And what luck, today is a BEAUTIFUL day for a ride. I'm so mad!!! I may just end up buying a second, better pair of shoes to use as my racing shoes and leave the ones I have now home for those weekends I come home and forget my shoes at school. Still mad...

I know I know I know, I keep saying I'm going to post a picture... well, two weeks ago I was out for a morning ride and it was a day after a rainy/snowy day, so the roads were all pretty dirty, causing my bike to be like a truck that went off-roading... I don't want to take a picture of it while it is dirty, and although I have cleaned the easy-to-reach parts, I haven't cleaned the whole bike that you would still see some dirty spots in the picture. Yes, I know, I should have cleaned it back then because the dirt and all can affect my bike's performance, but I was just so busy with school (and lazy at other points) to clean it. I promise though, I will clean my bike this week and post a picture. Another thing, they're building a new dorm hall close to the one I'm in, which sucks because there's dirt and dust everywhere that everyday I ride I'd have to clean my bike... anyone have an easy solution to keep the bike clean without having to give it a full clean-up job after every ride? let me know! thanks for reading

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