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Saturday, February 23, 2008

One Week Left

I'm sitting here in my dormatory room, thinking about my training for this week. Next weekend is the start of the Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference (ECCC) season at Rutgers, with the season opener time trial. I am really determined to place top 9 in the time trial of my category, despite my incident with a car last fall. I think on Saturday I will only be able to do the Time Trial in the morning since my sister's high school basketball team is in the State's playoff (Pennsylvania) and the first round is that same day. I plan to do the time trial as early as possible (my category's start is at 8:00 AM) and then head either back here to school or home to go see my sister's game. It all depends what time and where the game is, I may even be able to do the Criterium later in the day at 11:15 AM if my sister's game is at night in a local area to here or home. It all depends, and I'll find out early this week. Then I'll figure out if I can do the circuit race on Sunday.

Anyways, back on topic... I am trying to forget about the fact that I was off my bike for 12 weeks and lost a lot of fitness and gained weight as a result after my car/bike crash. I bought a workout video recently involving a medicine ball to help with building my core, chest and arms, as well as legs. Well, I might have said the whole body but my main focus with this video is to lose weight and tone up to how I used to be. So far I've lost like 3 lbs and about an inch off my hip and chest and I've only started 5 days ago.

I just got a new computer for my bike, with Cadence and rear-wheel sensor which is very sweet cause now I can train better when on the trainer in my dorm or our bike room on campus. Very very sweet. My last computer went dead on me and so I was forced to buy a new one. This was on a clearance sale or something, cause it was cheaper than my previous computer and has more features. Cateye Astrale 8 is what I got, and it's pretty cool.

My training for this week... I'm going out for an hour and a half or so tomorrow, monday I'll do a light ride outdoors and then my time trial training indoors on a trainer, rest tuesday, wednesday go outside for 2-3 hours doing some sprints and climbing, thursday light ride outdoors and TT training indoors, rest friday (possible light spinning on the trainer mid-day), and then Rutgers on Saturday. Anyone have any suggestion to make this better? Let me know.

Well, I'm gonna get my mind off of cycling momentarily by playing some Xbox with a buddy of mine, and then head to bed. Tomorrow, I'll be eating lunch around 12ish, and then going straight out for my ride around 1ish.


Chris said...

Good luck with your race.

Zachary Ellwood said...

Thanks Chris, you're like my only loyal reader right now, so I usually know I'm "talking" to you when posting my blogs haha. I hope at some point I gain more regular readers like yourself. Thanks again! I always look forward to your comments. Do you think my training schedule is good for this week in preparing for the Time Trial?

Ron said...


How did you do at the race? I miss doing it, I raced last year.

I think your training schedule is pretty fine although I wouldn't do climbing and sprinting the same day.

Also, I wouldn't go hard with two TT sessions indoors (if they're 20-30 mins not bad) just before a race on the weekend. But since you're the time trialist maybe you would know better.

Its all a matter of setting duration and intensity (from a 1 to 10 hardness scale) each day of the week. See how the workload is coming along the week. Resting is part of training.